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New companion & blog update

Hey guys it's Molly again, I've been busy with current exam season. So small update for you, I may be a little less active until I am done with all the exams for this semester. So since i moved away and got into my own apartment and started visiting college i didn't really think a lot about sex, my toys were enough for me while studying. I also wanted to get a dog, since our dog passed away few years ago, so I convinced her parents that I can buy myself a dog, and I will take care for him while attending college. So here he is, my new companion Hans :) We got together pretty nice in the last month, over the night he sleeps with me in my bed, and over the day he usually runs around with a toy in his mouth, or sleeps when I am away. I also figured out he likes to steal my clothes, so there is a picture of him stealing my freshly washed bra :D He was taken from the shelter, and he absolutely loves his new owner. I really missed something beside me in bed, and i am finally never late again for college, cause he wakes me up with kisses every single day :D

Hans stealing my bra

P.S.: I am also open to any guest posts, feel free to contact me on facebook page if you want something posted.

Until next time, xoxo Molly J.