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Hans and his red rocket 💄

As I mentioned in previous post New Companion & Blog Update I have a dog and I started noticing weird stuff happening, I mean I understand he is a male so that is one thing, but I saw his penis sticking out a lot while he is sitting and that alone turned me on like A LOT, and then he started humping my knee. I pushed him off a lot since I didn't want this to happen in front of the people and he should not do that, but it made me horny, feeling his wet dick on my legs, and him wanting to cum i knew I had to do something, so one evening I decided to let him hump my knee as long as he wants just to see what happens. He humped it for some time then he went on a stroll around the house, but he made me so horny with his wet cock touching my legs 🤤 I was hungry and I started preparing myself a dinner, and there he was sitting near me with his dick out, it came out a lot more than normal, while he was waiting for me to give him a piece of human food and watching me prepare my meal just in my intimisimi underwear I was thinking about that red rocket and what he can do with it. So after I was done with the dinner, I wanted to watch some TV before I went to bed, and here he was ready to hump my knee again, I was just hoping he will not stop that soon again, and HE DIDN'T, he did it for the first time, HE CAME! Well he came on my leg, and a lot on the sofa which I had to clean after he was done. But I knew this is the start of something awesome.

More in the next post 😘