Molly's Life

A blog about my sexual adventures


Last summer my family and I went on a trip around Europe, mostly to warm countries with nice hot beaches. Back then me and my ex-boyfriend were on a break, so most of the time, my eyes were dancing on other guys lean abs and biceps. ;)

One afternoon I was on the beach minding my own business, when all of a sudden a tall handsome guy was standing in front of me giving me one of the cocktails he was holding and wanting to chat with me. Damn, I couldn’t say no, he was sooo good looking and had a perfect smile, mmm. We were talking till 8pm, he was such a nice guy with a pinch of naughtiness in his eyes.. ;) It got kinda chilly and my tummy was sooo empty so I had to leave. Before I could go, he offered me to come at the beach party later to get to know him better,.. and I went.

When I arrived, he was waiting for me outside the club with a drink for me. We went in to dance and have some fun. A DJ was playing mostly Latin music, I was moving my hips around his private area and he could keep his hands off of me. :P He grabbed my hand, pulled me to the mens room and locked us in a cabin. My heart began to beat faster as he touched my lips with his. He pressed his hard cock against my thighs,.. oh my, it felt like it’s real big, mmmm, I was excited! ;) His hands were searching for my hot pussy under a skirt, while mine was already inside his pants. :P DAMN, he was so hard, I could feel heartbeat in his huge cock! He turned me around, pushed me against a wall, lifted up my skirt and went down on his knees. He was pleasantly surprised when he saw I wasn’t wearing any panties and immediately started to eat me out. :D After a few hot minutes I was all ready for his big package to go deep inside me and make me cum after a long time having no sex. ;) He grabbed my hair, pulled my head back so his kisses could reach my neck and slowly went inside my little needy girl. While he was releasing my inner pleasure to reach every inch of my body, other men was coming in and out of other cabins. Pleasure and adrenaline was mixing inside my veins and got me to orgasm!! Aaah, he didn’t stop, he just continued to bang me faster and harder, his length was helping me feel a lot of inner spots of pleasure that I had no clue I have! I was cuming all the time, my pussy couldn’t get enough, I even started to squirt, oh my god! My legs were covered in pussy juices..:o He grabbed my neck, started to slightly choke me and cum over my booty…

We both needed a few mins to catch a breath and clean our mess. Then we went all satisfied back up to party till sunrise. :P