Molly's Life

A blog about my sexual adventures


Hello guys, its Molly. ;) I am already home by now and I have a lot to write about my high school graduation trip! Let’s begin with our first day, we arrived to Long Island beach at around 3 pm, we had some free time to find our rooms and to go to the beach for a quick swim. For the first day I picked very cheeky, neon and vibrant orange bikinis, to show off how much have I worked for my posture, and there were quite a few looks hanging on my hips. :P

Soooo, at around 8 pm I started to prepare for a party, I choose a cute little matching set of shorts and top and styled my hair a bit. I wasn’t alone in the room, there were 2 other girls with me and we kinda had our own pre-party in the room. We were drinking shots, having snacks and other school mates invited over. Then at 10 pm we went outside for a party with other teens that were on a trip like us. It was wild out there! Music was great, there was a lot of alcohol, drugs and of course A LOT OF handsome guysss.!

I wasn’t really trying to find a guy, I decided to let it go and let a guy find me.;) First night was a little bit blurry cause of alcohol and those crazy lights that almost made me go bling haha… :D But nevertheless there was a man, he came to dance with me, he came to show me some moves. I wasn’t trying to get rid of him, because he was looking pretty nice and I kinda knew I am never gonna se him again… I let him lead my hips and I let him kiss me…  Unfortunately I lost him a few mins later, while trying to find my roomies…

Okay, that bring us to the second day - in the morning we went on the beach and had a pool party, there was DJ, cocktails, almost naked bodies and that boy (from the night before) in my mind. I was hoping he is gonna be at the same beach as I was, because he was also on a trip with high school. But sadly, he wasn’t, I was still planning on seeing him tonight at the party, and as they say – if you believe enough, it happens.

And so we met again, same soft lips, same smooth moves, same light brown eyes,…
I have no idea how, but we came to my place, roomies were still at a party so we were alone. He wasn’t planning on waiting for too long, he just ripped of my small top and started licking my hard nipples. Before I could touch him anywhere else but hair and arms, he flipped me over and eliminated my panties. He decided to let me keep the skirt on… He was kissing and massaging my booty, while moaning how good I taste and how hard I make him *.*. Warmth filled my entire body when he slightly licked my ass… I didn’t know how to feel about it, but it did feel nice. His tongue found its way to my clit and with passionate circular motions made me want him inside me even more. While he was playing with my pussy, his nose was rubbing against my A hole,… I haven’t experienced that kind of intimacy yet and it surprised me by how good it felt. I guess that he knew I am about to cum soon, because he increased a pressure against clit and added a thumb to tease my ass. After I came we swapped roles, because I wanted to taste him, before he went inside me. I started with licking his head, all around it and also his frenulum, but gently, because it is the most sensitive part of a cock. What made him go crazy was when I began to massage his balls and suck on his dick like it was my last time doing it. I wanted him to almost cum and then stop, so he would fuck me realllllly HARD! I was using my tongue to dance around his head when I went up and while I was going down, I squeezed his balls. He was heavy breathing and grabbing a pillow to stop himself from cuming too soon.:P I needed to stop pleasing him or else he would be already done for tonight;)… I went on top of him and began to fuck him, oh myyyy, it felt so good to finally have a dick to ride on after a few weeks! :D While I was banging myself on his hard friend, he was petting my booty, teasing my A hole and playing with my nipples. My body was filled with a lot of pleasure, I felt tingling in nipples, on clit, inside my needy pussy and around my ass… He was satisfying me in all possible spots which cause me squirting all over him! OH MY..., he was surprised and was just smiling at my face saying:” Let’s make you cum again!;)”. We switched pose, he got rid of my skirt that I was still wearing and without any break he began to fuck me in doggy pose. He grabbed my pony tail, to pull me closer so he could reach to my clit. I couldn’t cum, because he didn’t let me, he wanted to tease me till I beg him for more. For happy ending he stopped massaging my clit and focused on playing with my A hole, which I surprisingly really loved…. As he was sweet torturing me, I stared to squirt for him, AGAIN… Le me squirting made him even more excited and caused him cum on my booty!..

We started to pleasing each other again in the morning. ;)