Molly's Life

A blog about my sexual adventures


Hello guys, it’s Molly. ;) The last time I hooked up with “Magic Mike” was the last night staying on a trip. The only thing I was wearing was a tiny black dress, I came ready for him to fuck me whenever and wherever he wants. ;) Because I wasn’t wearing any panties, I sometimes flashed him while dancing, oops. :P I knew it was driving him crazy, he wanted us to leave a party asap, but I insisted to stay a bit longer. I could feel his erection when I was “lap dancing” for him and it instantly made me wet, huh..

He turned me around and while he was kissing me, he found its way to my wet pussy… I needed his big hard dick to fuck me like I am a slut! He grabbed my hand and we left the party. We didn’t go at his or my place, we went on a beach. He undressed his shirt and shorts and invited me for a night swim. Because I wasn’t wearing any underwear, I was naked when I took off a dress. He was adoring my round boobs and long legs, while I was walking toward his needy friend. Water was warm and was keeping my blood flow in sensitive parts of my body. We were fooling around, kissing and sneaking touching each others juicy stuff… When we got out of the water, he laid me down on the soft sand and began to kiss me. His kissed me all over my neck, slightly bite me in the ear and went lower to reach my nipples with his tongue. The second he licked them, they became hard and more sensitive. While he was licking and biting my nipples, his hand was grabbing my booty and thigs and was slowly coming closer and closer to my pussy. He was still playing with my nipples when his fingers just slipped in my wet needy girl to give me more pleasure and make me cum. Since no one seemed to be around, I didn’t restrict myself from moaning… His fingers was fucking my pussy faster and faster while his cock was rubbing against my clit and his tongue didn’t give me any break so I started to squirt all over him.. :P It took me a hot minute to catch my breath and while he was waiting for me, he took of his pants and sit me in a doggy pose. Before he went deep inside me, he put his thumb in my mouth to make it moist. I had no idea what he was planning to do, but I knew I enjoyed whatever he came up with. ;) He made me look back at him when he was going inside me, to see my lips moan… OH GOOOOOD, his dick was just the right size for my pussy, just big enough to teas all the right spots inside.! Then he slowed a bit and licked the same thumb he gave in my mouth before and gently pressed it against my A hole. While he began to bang faster, he massaged my ass in circular motions and waited for it to open up for his finger to go in. The feeling was pretty new, but it felt so right! It felt like I am becoming even more needy, it felt like I want it inside, to have both of my holes full! :P I ordered him to put it inside, I needed to know how it feels! He was surprised (in positive way), he licked it one more time and at the same time he pushed his dick and his thumb inside me…… *.* DAMN, it felt like I almost cum, I could feel his cock even more, now that the finger was taking some place. I couldn’t help myself but to beg him to fuck me harder! He shut me up by pressing hand on my mouth, because I was too loud, but he kept banging harder! The intense feeling of pleasure started to fill my head and feet, and met in the center, in my pussy, and I came, AGAIN! Then he laid on the sand and it was my turn to fuck him. I was in charge so I could dance around his dick as I pleased and make myself cum whenever I wanted: :P I felt he was close to cum… He started to breathe faster and grabbed my hips to help me bang harder. I felt warmth and pressure inside and as he was cuming so did I. :D

And that’s why my trip will stay unforgettable.;)