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Bad Dragon

Hello guys, it’s Molly. ;) In todays’ story I am gonna reveal the pleasure my Chance is giving me. By now I am probably already on my high school trip and before I went, I needed to take care of my horny girl. :D

“Its almost 9pm, my mind is busy thinking about the handsome man that I mentioned in the story Panties on fire… I would love him to be by my side, talking about dirty things he would do to me and teasing me with gentle touches… but for now, I need to please myself as good as he would and there is no better chance to use my new sex toy. I moisturize Chances flared head and slowly start massaging my clit. I was thinking to myself that I need to prepare my pussy very well, because I have never had something that big and thick inside me… I am laying on my back, in one hand playing with my dildo on a clit and with other I am beginning to finger my still tight pussy. I am becoming more and more open and ready for Chances flare head to go deep inside me. I am excited, I want to know if it can replace a real dick. :D OH MY..! I slowly begin to push it inside and all the feelings I am receiving are amazing! The head is very wide and is driving me crazy while it is sliding against my inner walls! At the entrance of my needy girl I can feel veins sending pleasure to every inch of my body and mind..:$ As I am getting used to it, I increase speed of pushing it inside and start to play with my clit with fingers. I can feel it pressing on my G spot, I can’t stop, I need more, I start to fuck myself HARDER!.. I am starting to shake of all the pleasure and my pussy is squirting all over my bed.! DAMN, it feels so good and right, I need to experience more! I change pose into doggy so I can get all of my dildos length inside. My head is resting on a pillow while my hands are one teasing nipples and another is trying to get that extra large toy in..  I have already came before so I am more sensitive and immediately ready to cum again! Thankfully I am home alone so I begin to fuck my tight pussy super hard and moan like I have no neighbors around! That large dildo is helping me find all the sweet spots that I have never known I had and helping me reach orgasms I have never experienced before! I am not stopping to fuck myself till I cum at least twice in a doggy pose, where Chance can go fully inside… I am almost done but I want to try one more pose. I put Chances firm base aka balls on bed and hold them with my feet. I grab it with my hand, set it up straight and sit on it with my wet pussy. I go from head to balls in one try.. As I speed it up, my inner pleasure increase and I am ready to squirt over my new toy.;) I help myself with circular motions on my clit while I fuck that dick like its real… I start to shake again and squirt my bed with sweet juices…”

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You can let me know in the comments down below what should I try next time while I masturbate or what do you recommend trying while having sex. You can also recommend type of a story you want to read. ;)