Molly's Life

A blog about my sexual adventures


Hello guys, its Molly. ;) You should still remember Magic Mike from my previous stories. I had no further hopes for seeing him again, but then we found out, we live near each other and hook up again ;) Now, I can officially call him “friend with benefits”. :P

“In half an hour he is coming at my place, huh what should I wear? I might go with classic, black laced intimissimi bra with matchy thongs and some thigh high nylons. And what should I put over? Lets go with a black see through gown, that will drive him crazy ;). As he knocks on the door, I quickly put on a pair of heels and I am ready! From what can I see in his pants, I think he is pleasantly surprised to see me wearing this outfit. ;) I prepared a champagne and a bucket of ice to make it more romantic. We talk and giggle while drinking, its nice, its hot and I notice the way he is looking at me, he wants to see, what I am hiding under those small pieces of clothing. He kiss me, his tongue finds its way to mine, he tastes so good mmm… He lays me on my back, undress my gown and while kissing me, he gently run his fingers across my upper body. Every part he touches, it tingles, mmmmm, I want more! My bra is short after just gone, but he doesn’t pay any attention to a part that has just been revealed. He puts an ice cube in his mouth and slowly melts it on my body. OH MY!... He starts on my chest, sliding it to my nipples, they instantly become hard. The feels… damn, ice cold mixing with softness and warmth of his tongue… amazing! He lets the ice that hasn’t been melted yet in my navel and goes lower… He slightly bites my pussy through thongs and drags them down with his teeth. He is driving me crazy! I wonder what he has in mind to try on me. :P I want to be in charge, I grab his arms and roll him under myself. Lets get rid of his shirt and jeans and pants, I want him naked now! He has such a perfect muscular body, I begin to kiss every inch of him. He likes me to take control, he lays his head back and while moaning lets me do whatever I want to. :D I gently squeeze his balls, then keep petting them, while my tongue is playing with his head. He tastes delicious, I want his cock all in my mouth! ;) I slowly take him all in and a bit harder press my lips together when I go back up. I make him moan with slow and controlled movements of my lips and tongue and I make sure I use it to tease his frenulum, which brings him closer and closer to orgasm. :P I stop playing with his hard friend, before he can come, so I don’t get left unsatisfied. He orders me to go in doggy pose, because he wants to see and touch my A hole, while going in and out of me. Firstly he licks me from my clit to ass all at once and then he finally fills me with intense pleasure of his dick… ohhhh… After a few minutes of him making me cum and preparing my booty to put something in, he stops for a second and goes to his backpack to bring me a surprise. He brought a buttplug! I have never used it before, but I am excited, because last time he put his thumb inside, it felt so good! And I am ready to feel satisfied again! He goes down on his knees and begin to massage my clit, while torturing my A hole with his tongue. After a while, he tries to fuck my ass with one of his fingers, to test if I am ready for something bigger. ;) I feel amazing, I feel sweet torture in every part of my body and as I start to squirt, he puts a buttplug inside me, to increase and make my orgasm longer! OH BOY! I need a few minutes to catch a breath,… I didn’t know I would like experimenting with my booty so much. :P He lays on his back and wants me to sit on him, so I can control the movement and do as I please as its my first time having sex with a buttplug in. I do as he says and when I try to sit on his dick, I realize it (buttplug) makes me tighter,.. Huh, I am excited, I know the pleassure will be more intense, for both of us! ;) I am slowly getting on his cock, MY GOD!, i feel every single vein on his dick, I feel the sweet massage of buttplug against my inner walls and I can feel myself coming real soon! He is enjoying it so much and whispering in my ear how good and juicy am I,.. I am blushing of all of the compliments he and his dick are giving me, I am being loud and ready to make both of us come! I feel him exploding inside me, he grabs my hips and helps me fuck harder, damn, and so am I starting to comeeee,... such an intense orgasm that he helps it last longer by slowly pulling out a buttplug..."

You can find out more about my adventures (with this specific guy) in stories “Magic Mike” and “XL Magic Mike”. ;) Also check out my intimissimi bra & thongs review and find yourself a matching pair that will do the most for you/your partner. :*