Molly's Life

A blog about my sexual adventures


Hello guys, it’s Molly. ;) I am all packed and ready for a trip, but before I go, I have a story to share with you.

It was about a year ago, me and my “back then” boyfriend (let’s call him Brad) were on a vacations and we were staying at a hotel. In the room next to ours was a cute couple that we met at breakfast. One night while Brad and I were watching a movie, we heard soft giggling coming from the next room.  We didn’t mind, we just continued watching TV,…
Short after that we heard them kissing and moaning,… the only thing between our beds was a thin wall. Brad lowered the volume and we started to pay attention to them. While the man was sucking on her clit, the girl was becoming louder and louder,…. Brad turned facing to me, he had an evil smile on his face and I knew he wanted to fuck me “next to them”. The idea of having sex while that hot couple is getting down on each other, sent enjoyment in every intimate part of my body. My nipples got hard and my heartbeat became faster. He has noticed my excitement and got on top of me. We started kissing while he was rubbing his big dick at my pussy area. We were both so needy that I don’t even remember when our clothes went missing. Brad was giving me kisses all way from my lips, through nipples and my nasty little girl. He started to lick my inner thighs and all around my gentle parts to tease me and make me want his tongue even more. I was trying to keep quiet, but the second he began to spoil my clit, I needed to moan… He knew how to eat me out so well, DAMN.! I was begging him to give me more, while the couple switched roles,… now she was sucking his dick and he was sooo enjoying it. It set me on fire! I was starting to cummm… but he didn’t give me a break after it, he even added some fingers and continued to lick and finger me at the same time. Whenever he did that combination I squirt. He liked it when I cum all over him and bed, oops;)… As he finished satisfying my wet pussy, he turned me around and sat me in a doggy pose. He enjoyed banging me from behind, while spanking me and adoring my perky booty. Before he could cum, the couple next door was reaching an orgasm, they were both pretty loud and their moans with Brads cock deep inside me, made me cum AGAINN!... He didn’t stop pushing, his hands grabbing my booty let me know that he is close to explode! Suddenly he pulled his dick out and cum over my hair, back and booty,
saying:”Good girllllll!”.;)

And our best hotel night ended in satisfaction. ;)