Molly's Life

A blog about my sexual adventures


Hello guys, its Molly. ;) We are just one week away from a high school graduation trip and I am super excited about it! I have already packed all of my bikinis and also some booty shorts to show off my curves at the parties. :P

So today I was away from home almost all day, I was in the center doing some shopping and meeting with my girl friends for a coffee.  While we were at a coffee shop, I was checking out some cute and hot boys and if that’s not enough, I was wearing super tiny thongs that were teasing me down there, because of the heat and sweat and I couldn’t wait to come home, to get rid of them. :’D

I haven’t had sex in a while and that’s why I have been thinking about one specific man that I saw today, all the way home. He had dark hair, short and nicely styled, he had the cutest smile and a very muscular BODYYY! When I came home, my parents weren’t there and I got rid of every piece of clothes before I could even come to my room. I started dreaming about him being right there, looking at me with dark brown eyes and wanting me to take care of my wet, needy pussy. I slowly began to touch my hard nipple, giving it a lot of attention and pleasure, while with other hand I was sliding all way from knee, inner thigh and finally to my needy girl. I imagined him without a shirt, with visual pressure in his jeans, eating me out with his look. I finally began massaging my clit after all day needing it and damn, it felt so GOOOD! While I stared softly moaning, my hot imagination was trying to get rid of his jeans and boxers as soon as possible! And oh myyy, I wanted to touch and lick every inch of his tanned skin, every little piece of his rised friend… My handsome mind creation began to release his cock pressure while still staring at me. I wish he could go deep inside me and spank me really hard for being so needy. But for now,.. I still enjoy touching myself while dreaming about him. I started to feel butterflies inside my tummy, my legs began to shake a little bit and enjoyment in my clit increased, I knew I was gonna cum soon.! As I was that close to the orgasm, he was as well getting there, his lips were shaping some moaning words and his hand speeded up a bit. We were looking at each other, wanting to fuse in one, share that pleasure… And there he was, cuming all over me and his hands… And as I imagined him so pleased, my clit started to spread satisfaction across my body and mind…

That’s how my day ended yesterday, energy left my body and I fell asleep with him in my mind.

I will see you in the next one. ;)