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First time with Hans πŸ’„

So in the last days from my last post about him we connected more than usual, I found out if I let him cum on my leg he will behave better, so I let him do his thing when we were alone. And that evolved into something more pretty soon, I felt his hard wet cock on my tights every time he humped my knee, and his semen was so hot when he was cumming on my knee, so I had to try him out once, next time he humped me I grabbed his cock and it felt amazing!! I had to try him at least once!!!! So next day i was prepared, no panties, no bra (as always) and I was ready for him, when he came to me, and started humping me I pushed him off, and went on my knees, he jumped on my back with his front paws, I felt his wet cock touching my NEEDY GIRL, I didn't get any pleasure in few months, I was horny as hell, I my girl needed something in her ASAP, and then he ENTERED in HER, it was AWESOME, he did not last long, but I didn't need a lot to orgasm, it actually took me less than a minute to cum and then I felt him expanding in me, I knew that was coming but I did not expect it that soon... He came into me for the first time, and I will never forget that. It took him few minutes after he came to pull his red rocket out of me, but I know i will repeat that 😍

Till next time,

xoxo Molly